"I'd like to go to Austin, for a conference... please?"

We understand completely — attending a conference is an investment of time and budget. You know why you want to attend CLEAResult’s 2019 Energy Forum—and we want you to join us—so now you need to convince your boss!

Here are some talking points to communicate your Energy Forum ROI and explain why it’s a solid investment of your time and money:


Energy Forum is an industry-defining event where you will learn what’s going on in the industry and how today’s trends can be incorporated into your organization’s practices—and it’s FREE. All you have to do is pay for your travel and hotel.


Energy Forum is invitation only—that means this is a select group of industry leaders you’ll be hearing from and mingling with. The level of conversation and engagement will be focused, thorough and high-quality.


Find real solutions to major challenges. Energy Forum speakers, and attendees are at the forefront of the energy industry. This is a great opportunity to find out how they stay ahead of the curve and then bring all those ideas and best practices back to your organization.


Networking is an enormous part of this event. You’ll make new connections with peers and find out how they manage common challenges. You’ll discover what's working for them—or not working—one of many invaluable learning opportunities at Energy Forum.


To stay relevant in our industry, we must understand the latest trends and technology. With several sessions focused on innovation featuring trailblazing speakers, there is no better place to take the pulse of the industry than Energy Forum 2019


Inspire your team. You’ll take what you learn from Energy Forum 2019 and share it with your team. It’s not just about your personal development. But, by successfully sharing and implementing what you learn, you will help your organization excel.



Going to a conference is about your entire team learning from what you bring back and share with them. Your team and ultimately the whole organization will benefit from your fresh insight and experience.

Here are some tips on explaining to your boss why it's important for you to attend Energy Forum 2019. We’ve broken it down into simple tactics below:

Provide your boss with a list of the sessions you plan to attend.


Choose a mix of sessions that benefit you personally and that can expand your whole team’s expertise and improve your work. Provide your projected costs for attending Energy Forum 2019 including transportation, lodging, and meals.


When you get back from the conference, schedule a download session with your boss and your team. Present your notes and speaker handouts from the sessions you attended. Recommend new ideas for your workflow, teamwork, processes, etc...

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